Education Support Funds

A major landmark development has been the NREP PROJECT (NAYI ROSHNI EDUCATION PROGRAMME) & SEF PROGRAM (STUDENT ENABLING FUND) which supports inclusion of the under privileged children into the mainstream of school life. This contributes to a strong sense of community life, so characteristic of the school. In other words, children belonging to every strata of society are given the opportunity to study here. The school does not in any way, discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, caste or creed, in the implementation of its admission policy.


Aims and Objectives

THE NAYI ROSHNI EDUCATION PROJECT started 8 years ago under the guidance and support of Amin Welfare Trust (Kanpur)

The sole aim of this project was to bring literacy to the door step of the extremely poor and underprivileged children of the slums. To teach them to read and write at least to that level where they could grow up into sensible and responsible humans. Thus enabling them to earn a decent living and and also create an atmosphere of literacy which is the only key to progress in any walk of life.

This project was then supported by some noble hearts who came forward and offered their help financially, morally and in the form of subjective guidance, which in turn enabled us to bring this project to the next level. And that's where literacy turned into our objective.

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NREP SIS Co Ordinator Ms. Ruqqaiyya Abbas
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With the strong support of our beneficiaries and our staff we pulled ourselves to a point where we started distinguishing children who had a caliber and promise for further education. To prepare these little minds, we have 5 LEARNING CENTRES in different areas. These children were then trained in such a way so as to make them capable of confronting mainstream entrance exams. And then were admitted in proper schools based on their abilities. As of now we have approximately 250 students of the N.R.E.P studying in 6 DIFFERENT SCHOOLS.

When these children started studying in main stream schools the realisation and need for coaching classes came up. Our beneficiaries then worked up a plan and started running SUPPORT CENTRES. These centres are solely for the purpose of enabling and supporting these children to get through their school education in a fairly decent manner without causing any strain on them financially as well as mentally. We currently have 10 support centres in Jajmau and ShuklaGanj. This project is very close to the hearts of everyone involved. It's being done as a deeply felt social service for all these underprivileged children,who are not as fortunate as the others.

2 at Bhatta(Jajmau) 1 at KDA(Jajmau)
1 at Faithfull ganj 1 at ShuklaGanj
1 at Bhatta 1 at BangaliGhat
1 at Maqdoom Shah 1 at KDA
1 at Faithfull Ganj 5 at ShuklaGanj
Super International School, Unnao. Amin Girls Inter College
Don Bosco Shivam Convent
Gayatri Vidya Mandir Eastern Public School


  • Family income below 1.20lacs p.a.( Income certificate is mandatory)
  • Parents should be residents of Kanpur, Unnao( Address proof to be given)
  • Parents should be Indian
  • Child's Age should be 3-5 years( Date of birth certificate to be given)


  • Registrations in the month of January
  • Interview of the parents in the month of February
  • Address verification
  • List of selected students to be put up in all the Learning Centres in the month of March
  • NREP Admission Test in schools in the month of March
  • List of students selected in SIS to be put up on 31st March


  • School Uniforms
  • Books and stationery
  • Conveyance
  • Activities and excursions